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Intake Booklet (fillable)
Form 13614-C TY20 (fillable)
COVID Event Protocols
COVID Event Report Form
American Rescue Plan Act

District 8 page

Pub 4012, Rel 2a TY20
Instructions for Pub 4012, Rel 2a TY20
Tuition Organizations List TY20

Drop-Off Log Form
TaxSlayer Entry Updates (slides) 2021-02-08
Tax Prep Locations

Certification 2020 Process (updated) 2021-01-14
Self Employed Worksheet (fillable) TY20
Intake Form (fillable) TY20
Self Employed COVID Worksheet TY20
COVID Site Opening Guidance
Drop-Off Process Map
Drop-Off Site-Plan Form
Drop-Off Tax Document Checklist
Drop-Off Workflow

Tax Scams
Out of Scope (en Español)
Itemized Deductions Worksheet (fillable) TY20
COVID-19 Screening TY 20
Form 14446 Explanation TY20
Self Employed Worksheet TY20
Education Credits Worksheet TY20

Arizona Sites Guide
AZ Public Update 1/24/21

Taxpayer Info & Responsibilities
TaxSlayer – Returns Submitted Before 2/12/2021

TaxSlayer Setup Guide TY20
Certifications 2020 Process – updated (slides)
LMS Certification Reports

Drop-off Model Summary
Drop-off Model Workflow
Drop-off Model Workflow (slides)

Policy & Procedures Manual – TaxAide 2020-2021

Certification 2020 Process – updated
Online Training Video Links – Instructors Only page
Workbook Exercise Answers Rel. 2 TY20

2021-01-11AZ Certification 2020 (updated)

Tax Prep Locations
Starting Instructions (1/4/21)
Tax-Aide Scope (slides) TY20
Federal Tax Law Changes 2020 – on Instructors Only page
Federal Tax Law, Jan 21 Update (slides) – on Instructors Only page
Federal Tax Law, Jan 21 Update TY20 – on Instructors Only page
LC Setup Tasks
District VRC Guide
District VRC Setup Tasks
Site VRC Guide
Site VRC Setup Tasks
Having Technical Difficulties?
Form 14446 Contact Free SP
Form 14446 Instructions (all)
Virtual Activity Log
Form 14446 Low Contact-One Visit SP

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