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SMT/DC Roster   12/26/17
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Updates and Important Notices
 #1 Intake Form for Visually Impaired
 #2 Fact Sheet - MFA
 #3 AZ PTC Rules for Household Income   
 #4 AZ School District Numbers needed  
 #5 See 4012 pgs H-9 to 14 in TaxSlayer & ACA
 #6 See TaxSlayer tab re: Notes Guidance
 #7 See Withholding Tax Calculator in Resourses
CyberTax Alerts
TY2017-01 (7/14/17)  Diversity Sites

TY2017-02 (012918)  CarryForward Notice

TY2017-03 (021318)  Happy 50th Anniversary

TY2017-04 (2/21/18)  VTA-2018-03 - Tax Refund Scam

TY2017-05 (2/26/18)  VTA-2018-05 - Extenders Added

TY2017-06 (3/20/18)  VTA-2018-06 - Extender Update

TY2017-07 (4/2/18)  QSRA-2018-1 - Intake/QR Process

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AZ Volunteer Recognition
Arizona Tax-Aide Fellows
2018 Service Awards

Individuals Recognized for TY2017

I would like to recognize Sue Tucker in District 3 for her commitment to the TaxAide Program . Sue volunteered her time at the Gateway site 2 –3 days a week through the summer to assist taxpayers and has been invaluable in training the new preparers for this season. Job well done and so appreciated.  Janelle Riedl, DC3 TRS

I would like to thank Doug Forsyth and Joan Bonnet for their hard work and dedication to helping the taxpayers through AARP Taxaide Program. This is their 20th year helping taxpayers. Their patience, knowledge and service deserves recognition.   Pat George, DC D13