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Introduction to Portal Libraries
Required - Policy & Procedures
Training for TY2018
pptx   pdf
IRS Link & Learn TY18
(links are Updated each November)
Using L&L for Certification
Training - Advanced Course
Certification Tests
LC Required Training
  Presentation 57 Slides
PDF - 10/22/2018
Facilitators/Greeters Training
Volunteer Stds of Conduct
Training & Test - Pub 4961
Intake/Interview & QR
Training & Test - Pub 5101
Living Situations Quiz PDF
How it affects the return - 9 Scenerios
Certain Medicaid Waiver Payments May Be Excludable From Income
IRS Notice 2014-7   Reviewed Nov 2018
Screening Tool for Facilitators
for Federal and AZ TY18
TY18 Policy & Procedures Manual
2018 NTTC Instructors Guide Rel 1
44 pages - Password Secured
2018 NTTC Workbook  Rel 1
212 pages - Password Secured
2018 Workbook Answers
Using Practice Lab 2017 Rel 1

Password Secured
IRS Training Materials and Forms from (updated automatically)
Pub 4491 2018 Training Guide Form 13614c - See Intake Booklet TY2018
Pub 4491-X 2017 Training Supplement Form 13614c (SP)  Spanish Intake Sheet - 2018
Pub 4961 Vol. Stds of Conduct Course/Test Form 6744 Test Book 2018
Pub 5157A ACA Scenarios 2018 Pub 4942 HSA Course/Test 2018
Pub 5187 Affordable Care Act Overview Pub 4012 Volunteer Resource Guide TY18
Pub 4731 Cancellation of Debt (1099C)TY18 Pub 4299 Privacy, Confidentiality ... - 2018
Form 13615 Volunteer Agreement - 2018 Pub 17 Your Federal Income Tax  Pub 17 Changes
TY18 Pub4491 with NTTC Modifications
List of Modifications Only
Tax-Aide Intake Booklet TY2018
Volunteer Guidance
for Tax-Aide Intake Booklet TY2018
Military Certification  - 27 pages
IRS Notice on Certification Testing
2018 Tax Preparation Tips

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