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Required - Policy & Procedures
Training for TY2017 pptx   pdf
IRS Link & Learn
(links are Updated each November)
Training - Advanced Course
Certification Tests
Local Coordinator Training
AZ Local Coordinator Training
Presentation 18 Slides - 10/28/2016
Facilitators/Greeters Training
Volunteer Stds of Conduct
Training & Test - Pub 4961
Intake/Interview & QR
Training & Test - Pub 5101
Living Situations Quiz PDF
How it affects the return - 9 Scenerios
Certain Medicaid Waiver Payments May Be Excludable From Income
IRS Notice 2014-7   Reviewed Aug 2017
Screening Tool for Facilitators
for Federal and AZ TY17
Policy & Procedures Manual
2017 NTTC Workbook
181 pages - Password Secured
2017 Workbook AnswersUsing Practice Lab 2017 Rel 2
Password Secured
Workbook Notes & Errata  Rel 3
IRS Training Materials and Forms from (updated automatically)
Pub 4012 - NTTC   - Feb 21, 2018   Form 13615 Volunteer Agreement
Pub 4491 2017 Training Guide Form 13614c Intake/Interview Sheet
Pub 4491-X 2017 Training Supplement Form 13614c (SP)  Spanish Intake Sheet
Pub 4961 Vol. Stds of Conduct Course/Test Form 6744 Test Book 2017
Pub 5157A ACA Scenarios 2017 Pub 4942 HSA Course/Test 2017
Pub 5187 Affordable Care Act Overview Pub 4012 Volunteer Resource Guide TY17
Pub 4731 Cancellation of Debt (1099C) Pub 4299 Privacy, Confidentiality ...
Pub 4491 with NTTC Modifications Pub 17 Your Federal Income Tax  Pub 17 Changes
Military Certification  - 27 pages
IRS Notice on Certification Testing
Education Credit Exercise - Dale